Diabetes and Hearing Loss


Diabetes affects entire body--can lead to hearing loss

Many people are aware of the many complications caused by diabetes.  In addition to being the number one cause of blindness, the leading cause of kidney failure, and increasing the incidence of heart attacks and strokes, it has recently been discovered that diabetes can double the chance of a hearing impairment.  Improving diabetic control, can lower the chances of this occurring.  If you think your partner is not listening to you, it may be related to a hearing impariment.  If your partner has diabetes, his chances of having difficulty hearing you are doubled.  Encourage people you know with diabetes to have their hearing checked.  Encourage them to maintain good control as this will mitigate against hearing loss as well as other complications.  Each person should consult with his or her physician about setting appropriate goals for Diabetic Control.   Support your partner by learning all you can about this disease as well as ways to support him or her.