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Vancouver BC V6K1J1 - Canada



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Author, Mentor, Speaker/Presenter, Wellness Coach

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The greatest suffering in the human form is not being seen as Divine.

About Devrah Laval

Devrah Laval is an Int'l Best Selling author, Speaker, Facilitator, Spiritual Coach/Counselor, Visionary. Devrah has worked with both individuals and groups for over thirty years since her initial enlightenment experience and miraculous healing which followed.

She brings tremendous compassion, non-judgement and laser-like clarity to her coaching/counseling. Devrah is an international best-selling of two books; The Magic Doorway into the Divine and Leap to Freedom - Healing Quantum Guilt. She hosts a monthly radio show where she interviews Enlightened guests and Mystics: http://dreamvisions7radio.com/living-in-quantum-love/

Devrah has assisted clients to discover their own truth within any given situation and thereby empowers them to open to their own inner strength and knowing so that great strides can be made in a relatively short period of time. Her focus and depth of experience naturally penetrates one’s conditioning and limiting beliefs so that one can experience for themselves, the truth of who they truly are, learn to become established in it and to then live from that place.

Devrah does not use concepts but instead focuses on being open to the creative power of discovery that is unique in every moment and available to each and every one of us. She also sees her clients as perfect already, and instead addresses the mind and the need to learn how to befriend and tame it so that it no longer unconsciously creates havoc, confusion and disturbances in one’s life. And for situations that are beyond one’s control, Devrah guides and teaches how to live from the highest place of truth so that transformation can occur and one can then live in a state of Grace, moment to moment.

Sessions are by phone (with an email follow-up) and can be arranged by sending Devrah an email to:

On-Line Course: http://extraordinary-healing-arts.academy/course/take-a-leap-to-freedom-crack-the-illusion-of-separation-and-heal-quantum-guilt/
Website: www.devrahlaval.com

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