Embracing the Irresitible You

Love, Self

The qualities that make you different from everyone else are the ones that make you irresistible.

In regards to dating, women tend to have an image of what they think they should look like or act like. This is typically based on what they think men are really attracted to.

The truth is men love authentic women. Whatever that thing is that makes you uniquely you is the thing that a guy will find amazingly attractive, sexy, or irresistible. I recent spoke with a woman, who told me she invited a guy over to her apartment. During there conversation, she told him she’s a coupon clipper, and he told her he thought that was sexy.

Another woman I spoke with told me that her husband told her what he found to be the cutest about her was the fact she never got jokes. He would always say things jokingly and she always thought he was being serious. When he would tell her it was a joke, she would get all embarrassed and he found that really sexy.

It doesn’t matter if you like to dance badly, your favorite thing to do is sing karaoke, or you are afraid of water. These are things that make you irresistibly you.

Never try to change the things that make you unique, authentic, and irresistible. Although not all guys may appreciate it, you will find the guy who sees these as your best trait.

He’ll find you attractive exactly the way you are, and that is the guy you want to be looking for.

Guys who want you to change or do not see the irresistible beauty in your unique qualities will never love you for you, and any relationship with this guy will be destined for failure.

Additionally, embracing the qualities that make you unique will increase your self-confidence, which will make you instantly even more irresistible than you already are. There are few things more attractive than confidence.

Regardless of whether you love being outside or hate being outside, there is a guy that will appreciate you the way you are. Hiding or trying to change who you really are will only lead to unsuccessful relationships.