Communication is Key


How women can better communicate with the men they date.

Men tend to get a bad rap when it comes to communication in a relationship. They are often accused of not communicating or being open about their feelings.

However, the problem tends to be that men and women communicate differently. My dating advice for women today is to reconsider the way you communicate with men.

Men prefer straight forward information. They are not mind-readers, and they don’t appreciate when women want them to “just know.”

Men do not like to guess what is on a woman’s mind, and they also do not want the pressure of having to carry every conversation. A man desires a woman who is not afraid to speak her own mind and is able to contribute verbally to the health of a relationship.

Women who can communicate well make for exciting lifelong partners. men will feel more comfortable talking about their emotions when they are in a relationship with a woman that communicates clearly and honestly without being critical.

Guys want women who are able to communicate honestly about their likes and interests.

Telling your date you love football and then ranting and raving everytime he watches a game, or ruining his first trip to an NFL playoff game while you constantly ask to be taken home is not going to earn you any brownie points with him.

It is okay for two people to have different interests and hobbies in a relationship. You don’t have to do everything together. He can enjoy football while you enjoy reality tv, shopping, sewing, roller derby, or whatever it is that you enjoy.

The best way to handle this situation is to be honest with him.

Simply buy him the tickets (which he will love you for) and then tell him to take a friend. While he is at the game, do not call him or text him; let him appreciate the experience.

Even though you are not in actual contact with him, the communication is still there. He knows that you care because you are letting him have some alone time with his buddy without any girlfriend drama. As a bonus, his friends will also think you are the coolest girlfriend ever.

The candid exchange of ideas and feelings is also very important. All people, men and women enjoy the feeling of having someone else care what they have to say.

No one wants to feel their ideas are stupid or foolish. You need to be the person he can talk to about his ideas without feeling stupid.

A woman who can communicate without being overly critical (when criticism is necessary) is what men want. Like it or not,  men have egos.  Challenging a man’s masculinity or purposely bruising his ego will lead you quickly back to the single life.

It is possible to disagree with a man without making him feel attacked.

What do guys want? At the end of the day, they want a woman who can communicate in a straightforward manner, no games and no lies.

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