7 Great "Green" Sex Toys For Tantra!


Your sex toy is a tool, and like every tool it has a particular function and purpose.

There are a lot of sex toys out on the market, and a common complaint that I hear from women (and men), is that they just don’t know what to buy, and sometimes- how to use what they have bought already!

When I first started using sex toys many years ago, I was in the same boat. I was overwhelmed by the amount and variety of products, materials, etc.

What I discovered during my process of self-discovery and sexual awakening is that; your sex toy is a tool, and like every tool it has a particular function and purpose.

So- you want to choose your sex toys/tools with the same attention to function and detail that you would apply to purchasing good hand or power tool, or because we’re women- let’s say make-up brush.

Example- you would not use an eyeliner brush to put on blush, just like you wouldn’t use a screwdriver to drive a nail into a 2x4. So, when it comes to buying sex toys, it’s important to know what your “goal” is, what result you are hoping to achieve.

In Tantra- one of the goals is to explore and expand your sensual boundaries, using pleasure as medicine to heal and remove any “blocks to bliss”, which are limitations or "traumas" that may inhibiting your ability to fully experience your sexuality, your pleasure, or even life itself.

Below are some of my favorite "tools" for supporting the accomplishment of that goal.

All but one of these toys are handpicked from my absolute favorite sex toy company LELO. Every toy that Lelo makes is DIVINE, and most can be used for both solo and partner play, so they are multi-purpose and cost effective.

Also- because Tantra is a path of healing, all of these choices are completely “green” meaning- They are body-safe, phthalate free, petro-chemical free, toxin free.

So without further ado, here are my top 7 Sex Toys for Solo Tantra!

For opening the G-spot & A-spot

#1) The crystal honey dipper wand...deluxe. The angle on this toy makes it superb for direct g-spot stimulation. There is just nothing else like it for the initial stages of reawakening your g-spot. 100% lucite, which makes it light-weight (easy on the wrist), non-porous, body-safe, easy to sterilize. This is one of the absolute best toy on the market for opening and activating the g-spot in women AND men!

#2) The Mona by LELO- Smooth yet firm, with a wide, velvety head makes this toy awesome for stimulation of the whole anterior (front) wall of vagina, where most of the pleasure sensitive nerve endings are. I like this one a little later in the session, when my g-spot is already nice and engorged, and I am wanting more depth and fullness than the crystal wand can provide. If your g-spot is already pretty juicy, I recommend this toy to keep it going, and take it to the next level!


For Deep Penetration

#3) The Elise by Lelo- Perfect for all those juicy deep areas at the back of the vagina, that rarely get as much love and attention as they need. Another 100% medical grade silicone, non-porous, body safe toy. Wide for feelings of fullness and depth.

#4) The Isla or Soraya by Lelo- Same idea as the Elise, but with less width makes it great for a slim, smooth entry and nice deep penetration. The Soraya is a dual action vibe.


For Clitoral Stimulation

#5 & 6) The Siri or Lily by Lelo- Similar design on both vibes, small, compact, fits in the palm of your hand. The Siri has medical grade silicone tip, Lily  features body safe, ABS velvet smooth finish. The Lily is smaller that The Siri, and slightly easier to clean, as the control panel is placed differently on the design, It does not have as many functions as The Siri though.

#7) Alia by Lelo- This one is on my wish list. Luxury vibration at it's best! 100% medical grade silicone with a body safe ABS core makes the entire vibrator hummmm...! Waterproof and just excellent for solo & partner play.

And there you have it. My 7 favorite green sex toys for solo tantra.

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