Are You Fighting The Signs Of Aging?

Are You Fighting The Signs Of Aging? [EXPERT]

Wonderful things can happen with aging when we care more about how we feel than how we look.

How many of us have taken off our glasses to look in the mirror, examining the laugh lines that frame our eyes and the parentheses that frame our mouths. It's hard not to notice that some of the outward signs of aging are showing up more and more in your face and your body.

If you have ever only received your sense of value for the way you look on the outside, chances are you are upset by the changes taking place. One of the wonderful things about getting older is that for most of us, we care less about what other people think and more about how we feel about ourselves and the richness of our lives. In a sense, we find our voice.

Isn't it awesome that at any point in our (hopefully) long lives we can decide to change the way we view ourselves? By trying new things and taking on challenges — however great or small, we build richness and confidence. Confidence accumulates and all of a sudden the lines take on less meaning. 4 Steps To Finding Love [VIDEO]

I personally love the way a woman's face ages. I believe that every worry line is born out of love for someone they cared about and every laugh line signifies a life filled with friends and laughter. Nobody's Perfect: 7 Beauty Myths Secretly RUINING Your Love Life

There's no doubt that looking back at pictures of when you were 25 can make you feel nostalgic for that tight skin and for some, that tight body. But would you give up the things you have learned and experienced along the road to have it again? I know I wouldn't.

"Be kind, noble, generous, well-mannered. Be true to yourselves and your friends and the soft lines of these tender graces and noble virtues will reveal themselves in the face … We cannot be one thing and look another … there are indelible marks on every face showing the real life within." — Elizabeth Cady Stanton


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