Midlife Crisis Or Midlife Transition?


Midlife offers the opportunity for positive or negative change. What will it be for you?

“Midlife crisis.”  When I hear those 2 words, images of gray haired men driving new sports cars and divorcing their wives of 30 years for a sexy young thing spring to mind.  Many people think that only men go through a midlife crisis, when the truth is, women do too.  The difference is in why and how each gender handles it.

I guess it’s a matter of opinion whether having a midlife crisis is a good or bad thing. For those who become depressed and feel the need to trash their existing life, it truly can be a crisis.  There are also many people who begin to think about what remains undone and what valuable contributions they are making to their communities or the world. These people are the same age as those in crisis, but they go through more of a midlife reassessment and transition.  It’s smoother and not nearly as difficult.

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