My partner is acting differently; however I'm too busy to do anything about it?

In today's culture people will over-glorify busy.  They are too busy to meet with their family and/or too busy too meeet with their friends.  The result is children that are raising themselves and parents are not taking the quality time to spend with eachother.  As a therapist, I work with  marital conflict and issues.  Infidelity typically arises from poor communication.  Poor communication can be avoided and resolved with following a few steps:

1. Talk to a trained professional to start healty communication.

2. Stop communication through electronic devices and have verbal communication.  If verbal communication is hostile, use the therapist/counselor to address the issue.

3.  Try to have family meals together to promote cohesivivenss, joint discussions, and deter splitting. 

4. Avoid accusing, snooping through electronics, or focusing on events that occurred in the past.  The therapist will help provide coping skills/strategies to deal with healing from the pain that was caused.  

5.  Find a time during the week that is quality time for the two of you free of distractions, children, and electronics.

Denise Candidi, LPC LLC