Self-Reiki to Mend a Broken Heart

Heartbreak, Self

I believe Reiki is an awesome way to practice daily self-care and mindfulness.

As a psychotherapist and coach I was always searching for “tools” I could hand my clients – meditation, visualization, self-help books and workbooks, soothing music, expressive art- but I never realized that Reiki was another very real self-care tool I could have been passing along to my clients.  In fact, had I known what I know now, I would have received Reiki training years ago to Master Teacher level so that I could teach my clients Reiki Level I.   I believe self-administered Reiki maintains mental health and wellness. So I finally became a Reiki Master Teacher. And now I teach Reiki. Online. 

I believe that everyone should benefit from Reiki – from source energy- the universal life force energy we all have access to. I also believe that Reiki healing and attunement can happen at a distance.  This philosophy influences my teachings. 

As a Reiki Master Teacher I am committed to administering Reiki to myself everyday. Sometimes it is in the early morning hours as the sun comes up. Other times it i in the middle of the day- a breather from a hectic pace. And other times I administer self-Reiki at bedtime as a soothing and peaceful way to drift off to sleep. 

Reiki involves a "laying on of hands" if you will, placing your hands over the key chakra points in your body and allowing Reiki energy to flow through you to the points in your body that will benefit the most. It has become a lovely ritual I give to myself. For instance, placing my hand over my heart chakra and allowing myself to feel the warmth and a healing touch- this is also a great aid in mending a broken heart. 

So I decided to create a Reiki Level I course that is reflective of the learning that was impactful for me- and for me, one of the most impactful elements was the online accessibility. My Reiki training was online. My attunement happened via distance. My experience was soulful, inspirational and life-enhancing and I am committed to sharing with others. I am but one teacher so search for a Reiki Master Teacher to whom you feel a connection. You will know.