10 Important Tips For Your Overall Health And Wellness


I developed this 10-point Wellness Plan as a template for my wellness and aromatherapy coaching. You can see that essential oils top the list I hope you find these tips useful. These 10 points will help you reach abundance in life and in love!

1. Essential Oils
Essential Oils are vibrant and terrestrial. Oils offer physical, spiritual and emotional support. Use them daily.

2. Food for the Body
The right food is vital. Know what foods nourish and keep you whole. Your body is your temple.

3. Food for the Soul
Self-care keeps you balanced and grounded. Find the right care for your soul. Be spirited and spiritual.

4. Movement
Your body wants to move. Exercise simply. Keep your body limber and flexible.

5. Bodywork
Touch can heal. Engage in a type of bodywork. Experience the mind-body connection.

6. Non-toxic Living
We are of the earth. Use non-toxic products on you and around you. Feel energized and breathe well.

7. Intestinal Balance
Your belly and your brain are connected. Support your gut. Ease your brain fog and stop irregularity.

8. Mindset
Gratitude is contagious as are random acts of kindness. Learn to accept what you cannot change. Be graciously worthy.

9. Intuition
We are all intuitive. Set your intentions and be mindful with your intuition. Listen and pay attention.

10. Community
We gravitate toward others. Lean on those who love you, offer support to others who are in need and find a way to be of service.

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Incorporating essential oils is a lifestyle change. Overall wellness involves changing our habits from food to cleaning supplies; from exercise to self-care. I believe that essential oils can support health and wellness and enhance our everyday living.

This article was originally published at Online Aromatherapy Institute. Reprinted with permission from the author.