How Coffee Brought Ritual Into My Life

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Celebrating Myself - and National Coffee Day - Everyday.

I love coffee. Rarely does a day go by that I don’t have at least one cup. I also love the way it connects us - a cup of coffee or tea is like an unspoken international language to connect and share a moment of intimacy.

It’s why a good portion of my Instagram Feed goes to my beloved first cup.

Because I've taken that routine cup and created a ritual, by sharing my cup with you, I am sharing a bit of the way I connect to what is sacred and holy in my life.

Ritual is the twin of a Routine. A routine is made of the daily actions that create one’s life.  It’s scheduled. A  ritual is the attitude behind  the routine. It’s the sacred part. I give high praise to powerful routines as they are a major ingredient to the recipe for living a daily life that you love. Rituals, on the other hand, add the essence of faith and love into the recipe.

Rituals offer you compassionate discipline and allow you to help focus your  attention and energy on a desired way feeling. They will ground you regardless of what’s happening around you.

When I pour a cup of coffee, I’m in routine.  But because I wanted to make that cup of coffee a moment to savor, I invested in beautiful cups, a delicate cream and sugar set, and tiny coffee spoons. Instead of operating from milk cartons and boxes of sugar, I have these lovely (inexpensive) items to make it feel special.

I pull out a favorite cup, gently spoon raw brown sugar into my cup with a tiny coffee sized spoon, pour in freshly ground and brewed coffee, and add just the right mixture of milk.  Then I stir and sip and savor before I move into my day.

See how I took the mundane and created a ritual?

When I share a photo of my coffee, I’m not just saying “I had coffee”, I’m honoring who I am with the celebration of ritual into my day. I am inviting the viewer into my private and holy world.  I am encouraging the viewer to connect with what is holy and sacred within their own lives.

We all need daily time-outs.  An excuse to stop and take a moment to celebrate. To connect, honor and recognize the different aspects of  life. Ritual is your own daily invitation to step off the racetrack of life and into yourself.

There is an innate human need to feel connected.  To touch something greater.  To be fed spiritually by a higher source.  And ritual satisfies that need.  

When I made the conscious decision to more deeply connect with myself, my spirituality, and my daily life, I took what could be a totally mundane piece of living and made it an infinitesimal moment of holy. There is a deeper and rawer beauty to the day-to-day mundane moments in our lives than we regularly attribute value. Or give credit for their holiness.

I show up and remind myself that I am the cultivator of my own soul. Even if it’s for two minutes in the morning.

The coffee photos I am taking may not be works of art, but each one tells a story. These are the stories of life – and they are sacred and holy. And the stories of your life, my dear, are sacred and holy, too.

What about you, darling? What routines in your life can you ritualize?  Are you celebrating your unique and amazing place in this world? How can you celebrate your life?

Debra Smouse is a Tarnished Southern Belle who discovered that when she fell in love with her life, it loved her right back. Visit her website or connect with her on Twitter or Facebook.