8 Ways to Infuse Your Life With Gratitude

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Because Grateful People are Happier

Gratitude isn’t just a dish served on Thanksgiving. Researcher and author Brene Brown found that it wasn’t that happy people were grateful; it was the grateful people experienced more joy.  Here are eight ways to take gratitude beyond the Thanksgiving table.

  1. Brainstorm While Brushing. In the morning as your brush your teeth, brainstorm all the things you’re grateful for. You’ll feel much more focused than going over your to-do list. So, as you polish your pearlie whites, infuse your morning with gratitude.
  2. Create a Morning Ritual. The preparation of my first cup of coffee is like a prayer that connects me to the sacred part of myself. Create a ritual within the first hour of waking. You’ll feel more grounded (and naturally grateful) than if you’re just rushing around.
  3. Picture It. Vow to photograph at least one moment of your day, and then examine that photo for what it shows you is fabulous in your world.
  4. Write it On the Fly. Buy a small notebook or a stack of 3x5 cards with you along with a favorite pen and voila! You're ready to write down grateful happenings everywhere.
  5. Create a Joy Jar. Put a big jar (or bowl) in the kitchen with a sign that says “Joy Jar”. Invite your family to write about their joys and gratitude on slips of paper and toss them in the jar all month. Read them together on Christmas or New Year’s.
  6. Have Gratitude for Dinner. My partner and I have a little ritual where, over dinner, we share with each other the best part of our day. Instead of only focusing on our victories on rare occasions, what if we celebrated daily outloud together?
  7. Light It Up.  There is magic in the flicker of a candle. Buy a candle that smells amazing to you and, as you light it, say a prayer of gratitude. Every time you gaze on the flame, allow gratitude to wash over you.
  8. Seed Your Dreams. Remember the old “Count your blessings instead of sheep” song? They had the right idea on how to have sweeter dreams. Keep a journal by your nightstand and before you turn off the light, write down at least three things you’re grateful for that day. It’s seeding your dreams to happier.

Carry gratitude beyond the Thanksgiving Table because you deserve a more joyful life.

Debra Smouse is a Tarnished Southern Belle who cultivates gratitude - and no longer makes resolutions. Grab her new ebook: Create a Year You Love: Choosing Your 2015 Touchstones. Visit her website or connect with her on Twitter or Facebook.

This article was originally published at Debra Smouse . Com. Reprinted with permission from the author.