Trying To Get Pregnant? Try Fertility Rituals at Phallic Rock

Debra visits Phallic Rock on the Island of Molokai to leave offerings as part of fertility ritual.

It has been a special and sacred beginning of the New Year. While visiting Molokai, Hawaii my friends, family and I visited Phallic Rock and left offerings as part of a fertility ritual.

After a very productive, pleasurable and, at times, challenging 2013, my husband and I came to Molokai to visit with family and enjoy time in nature to vision and prepare for 2014. I enjoyed the water, the stars, hiking and listening to the waves. It is amazing how soothing the sounds of the waves rolling in can be and I love looking at the incredible display of stars without city lights to hide them. Each night as the wind blows, the wind chimes sing their song, and my heart sings too. Each moment has filled my senses with pleasure as I feel re-energized and full of nature's creative energy. The bird's songs fill me with joy as the sun rises each morning. I am immersed in nature and love it!

One special day I hike to Phallic Rock, a sacred rock where women and men come daily to pray for blessings to conceive. Conscious Conception, for many, is the most sacred beginning — to prepare one's body, mind and spirit to welcome a new life within. As I stand at this large rock, its phallic symbol, I wonder why so many of these symbols and rituals have been lost in our modern culture, yet in traditional cultures you will find this connection to nature, this honoring of women's cycles and fertility throughout. There were flowers, fruit and other items left as offerings.

At Phallic Rock, I gathered with my cousin and friends and we offered our small ritual — words of women's wisdom for sacred beginnings, gentle, pleasurable births and new beginnings. It was a wonderful way to begin the New Year, reconnecting with nature and remembering our rituals and honoring this ancient sacred site. 

Do you have a fertility ritual or a special place for women to pray and meditate for pregnancy blessings? Please share your conscious conception stories as together we can reclaim all our sacred beginnings. Wishing you love and blessings for a fertile New Year full of creative energy.

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