How To Encourage Your Pleasure Zone During Childbirth

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The past month I have really enjoyed reconnecting and reawakening pleasure within via the 21 Days to Birth Your Pleasure program. It reminds me how our lives often become so busy we forget how just 5 minutes of mindfulness can shift our feelings and outlook, and this is the same in birth.

Just this week Midwife Donna Tabas wrote me to share how she helps women access pleasure,

  • "To help a woman in labor acess the 'pleasure zone,'" what I have done is, with eye to eye contact, tell her to smile through the surge and say together with me 'Yes! Yes!' (sounding like I was having an orgasm). She mimicked me and it worked beautifully."
  • "…action is applied first, and genuine experience can follow."
  • "…we can help women get to that point by encouraging them to mimic facial expressions and sounds of orgasm: action is applied first, and genuine experience can follow." — All excerpts from Donna Tabas' upcoming book Belly Buttons and the Torah: A Midwife's Guide to Finding Holiness and Wholeness Within.

We can mimic facial expressions and sounds of orgasms, even if not spontaneous, and it can bring you there. (Think Laughter Yoga where "Forced laughter soon turns into real and contagious laughter").

Try to smile, breathe and say Yes, Yes. This made me think of the famous scene in Katz Deli in When Harry Met Sally. While there is much to talk about in this clip, I hope you will be smiling and saying Yes, Yes so that you too will inspire others to say "I'll have what she is having!" When we bring pleasure into our lives we not only transform ourselves, we touch those around us too. Tell us how you brought pleasure, power or bliss to your birth or life as part of our facebook dicussion.

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This article was originally published at Orgasmic Birth. Reprinted with permission from the author.