8 Tips For Ditching The Holiday Season Single's Blues

8 Tips For Ditching The Holiday Season Single's Blues [EXPERT]

Single or spending the holiday alone? Here are eight tips to help you survive this holiday season.

5. If you are overstressed and exhausted, take a few minutes to sit down and make a list of all the tasks you need to do. Then prioritize them.  Most likely there are some things on your list you would like to do but that are not completely essential. Let go of the need to do everything you always do, or to do everything yourself and for everybody else. 

6. Ask for help and let go of the need for perfection. I was particularly short on time this year and asked my daughter to help me decorate the mantel and put up a garland over the fireplace. And voila, it was all beautifully done when I came home from work. Was it exactly the way I would have done it? No, of course not. But it looks great, it got done and I didn't have to do it!

7. Do your best to prevent a situation that you know will be too painful for you. Two years ago, I discovered my daughter would be traveling to Australia over Christmas. I knew I had to do something to protect myself from being totally alone on Christmas day as I would feel very lonely and sad being alone and without her for the first time in her life on Christmas day. I reminded myself I was glad she had the opportunity to visit Australia. Then I ended up getting myself invited to my niece's house for Christmas day. She had a six month-old baby who spent the entire day smiling and happy. It was impossible to wallow in my sadness with her grinning at me. Instead of being sad and lonely, I smiled all day.

8. Make sure to take extra special care of yourself during this often demanding season. Get some extra sleep, exercise, eat well and stay away from that tempting sugar or alcohol. Schedule a massage. In fact, ask for one for Christmas. Spend some time in contemplation about your life and what is great about it as well as what you would like to change. Avoid the trap of over doing it, feeling sorry for yourself or allowing situations which will be too painful.

You can find your own joy within you, in your own way, independent of the commercialization of the holiday, away from the hustle and bustle. Look within for the inner peace. Take care of yourself and if you are alone, help someone else even in some small way. It may save your life and allow you to have a wonderful holiday season!

Best Wishes for a 'Joyous Holiday Season and a Wonderful New Year’.  May All Your Happy Wishes Come True!

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