Keep Your Chin Up! How To Effectively Fight The Breakup Blues

just dumped

How to tackle the feelings of being discarded and redundant after a breakup.

Are you the one left behind? Has your partner gone off with someone else? Are they younger and better looking? Are they wealthier?

All of this is likely to make you feel redundant and discarded. A breakup is a real knock to your self-confidence, and how you rate yourself. If your partner has left for these reasons, then you wonder what others must think of you.

Whatever you doDON'T HIDE!

Remember Princess Diana when she was stripped of her royal title? She looked so sad and despairing on her way back from the palace. But that night, she put on a glamorous evening gown and went dancing.

Instead of crying alone, she presented a brave face to the world and won a lot of admiration for her courage.

OK, just because your partner has gone does not mean you are redundant or past your sell by date. Don't give in to those destructive thoughts. You are worthwhile and of value. Look after yourselfdon't allow yourself to go to seed. Keep your head up!

Be kind to yourself, and nothat doesn't mean another bar of chocolate.

You have skills and attributes which may never have been given the chance to blossom in your old relationship. Maybe it's time for that to happen. 

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