4 Essential Tips for 'Soul Centered' Dating #3

4 Essential Tips for 'Soul Centered' Dating #3

Be a Chooser

If you want to attract a positive, affirming relationship, you can't just sit back and wait for it to show up. You need to create a very clear picture of what you want in a life partner (as we talked about in video #2 of this series), actively put it out into the world, then allow yourself to choose from the candidates that apply! Be proactive -- no more settling for whoever comes along.

Being a Chooser means you take the initiative… you’re assertive about what you need and committed to setting healthy boundaries to support those needs. If you get push-back from a partner who’s not ready or willing to meet you halfway, don’t back off and apologize…it simply means they aren’t a good fit. Granted, that can feel scary, especially if you’ve grown up being conditioned to please others and letting them take the lead. Being a Chooser isn’t for wimps – are you ready to take on the challenge?!

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