For The Love Of Money: Why It's Not Greedy To Love Money

Love: Why Loving Money Is Not A Bad Thing
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If money were a person who was coming to visit, how happy would you behave to see them?

I could not let Valentine's week go by without addressing love. So, here is my offering on the topic of love... and money!

When I started the Retreat "For the Love of Money, Turning Your Money Woes into Money Wows and Wins", I hesitated with the name. Why? Because everyone I've ever worked with has had a lot of baggage surrounding money. Having enough money is a big enough issue, never mind actually loving it!

You may also feel as though loving money is considered sinful. I've run into that more then once and I want to remind everyone it is not love that is the issue — in this case it is greed. Greed is not what I'm talking about when I speak of the loving money. Why would you consider loving money? Because it allows for more to enter into your life.  

When you have a good relationship with someone, how do you benefit? Think about that for a moment. When you enjoy someone's company you tend to feel good around them and when you feel good around them you want to have them around more and more. What if having money around could feel good and what if feeling good around money allowed there to be more and more?

One of the most important truths I have discovered in my work is that almost everyone I've ever met has something to say about money and it isn't pretty!  It's not that they're getting profane over the issue, although that has happened. It's more that they get frustrated, angry and even sad when it comes to how money is and isn't in their lives.  

Somehow money has played a role in denying us all access to something we truly wanted. You may have been unable to buy those amazing jeans, or fabulous shoes. You may have had to drive a clunker and maybe still do. You may have had to put off that trip of a lifetime, indefinitely. You may have had to say no to your child when you knew it would break their heart. And who is at the center of all of it? Money.  

Let's pretend for a moment that money is a person. Let's also pretend that you are single, looking for that certian someone. Now let's say you are set up on a blind date with your imaginary money person. When you show up to meet them, what do you think of them? Are they welcoming, or threatening? Are they attractive and alluring or someone you immediately feel is not to be trusted? Do you want to get to know them or do you want to get away from them? Most importantly, if they were to show up at your front door, would you want to invite them in?

How you answer these questions is definitely something you want to pay attention too. These are your first clues to where things lie between you and money, and when you can begin to see how things are, you can begin to create them how you would like them to be. Be aware that this is not an easy task. There is a lot of programming in the way, but just like seeing a couples therapist in order to gain ground on a healthy relationship, establishing a great and loving relationship with money that fulfills you and exceeds your needs it indeed possible.  

At first glance you may think that what I'm suggesting boarderlines on the ridiculous, but the reality is you have feelings when it comes to money and you've been having a "relationship" with money all of your life. I'm suggesting that it's time to identify the relationship you are having with money so you can enjoy the life and lifestyle you so richly deserve. 

Happy love day and beyond. May your relationships be blessed and bountiful and may money become a great friend of yours, welcome in your home anytime and always.

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