Tik, Tok, Tik: Is It Time To Break-Up?

Love, Heartbreak

Breaking-up is never easy, but in this case it adds up to dollars and cents!

No one likes to break-up. Heck, no one really likes to even think about breaking-up and if they are thinking about it, then before they even get close to taking action, they are going to talk about it until everyone is sick of hearing about it and even then they may not act!

That's right. Break-ups are not fun, they are never fun and you probably have one or two painful memories that preclude any thought of actually heading down that road and those memories may even keep you stuck in a situation that does not serve you.

The problem with not taking action, when you know in your heart you really ought to be, is that you are wasting time. Time is your most valuable resource and once it's gone, it's gone. This is not something to shrug off or sweep under the carpet because when you spend years in a less then great, or down right bad, relationship you are truly settling for less then you deserve.  And it gets harder the longer you stay.

If it's this hard to contemplate ending a relationship with someone you've only been with for a certain length of time, imagine how difficult breaking-up with something you've had a relationship with your whole life might be like! Something that has been there since the day you were born and will continue to be there, day in and day out, no matter what.

Money is your constant companion in this life and like it or not, if you aren't in a great relationship with money, your enjoyment of life is effected.  Your ability to do things, have things, go places, handle emergencies and so forth is completely affected by your relationship to cash and cash flow.

If you are happy with money in your life that is great, but be careful that you're not pretending everything its perfect, when it's not. If you are not on speaking terms with money, go to bed angry at it and always feel like it isn't there for you, (at least to some degree), then maybe it's time for you to confront your relationship to money and let it go!

That's right, break-up with your current money-"partner." Sound crazy? Well consider this:  Anytime you let go of something that is not serving you, you make room for something better.

Would like you to have "better" in your life, when it comes to money? Of course you would.  I have not met a single person yet who couldn't imagine things on a whole new level with a different relationship to money and that includes those who already have a pretty good relationship right now.

Here's what you do: Imagine you money-"partner." This is a pretend version of your money in the form of a person with a distinct persona. Some of my clients who participate in my retreat "For the Love of Money, Turning Your Money Woes into Money Wows and Wins" are shocked to discover they have a rather unattractive, argumentative and even abusive money-"partner."  Whatever the case, imagine them and give them a name.  Maybe it's Scott, John, Joanne or Notenough (ha ha). Now sit down and write them a break-up letter.

Let them have it. Get out everything you feel about your money-"partner."  All your frustrations, you angst, your disappointments and whatever else may come up. Use whatever language you want and you do not have to be grammatically correct! When you're done, sign it, fold it up and burn it.  Before I had a fire pit, or a fireplace for that matter, I used to use a burning bowl.

Now take a deep breath and shake it off and let's have some fun.  Imagine your perfect money-"partner." What are they like? What do they look like and how do they treat you? On a new sheet of paper, right their description down and when you are done with that write this at the bottom:  "I give myself permission and it is safe for me to have this, or something better."

Read what you have written, often. I recommend you add the words, "I'm so grateful that I'm enjoying this great relationship with money" at the beginning of you description and speak of it always as if it is already happening.

And just like a beautiful new relationship that starts with sweet romance filled with passion and excitement you are your new money-"partner" will enjoy a life together filled with everything you desire.  This takes a little time, but I promise you, if you are willing to break-up with your old ideas around money then you are free to start creating new ones and live in true abundance.

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