Do You Know What Roadblocks Are In Your Life?

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You always find something when you aren't looking for it. The same goes with your inner barriers.

You may know you have barriers to love and you may have taken responsibility for your love life. Unfortunately, the way most people try to bypass these blocks is by looking for them. There are some easy blocks to release such as thoughts about love, relationships and the opposite sex, but the true deep inner wall that will transform your life is something you can't look for; you have to let the block find you.

At first you may have been empowered to clear out the resistance so you can start manifesting your mate. You may have tried every healing technique available to rid yourself of these internal obstacles so you can magnetize your partner. After a few months (or years), the self-help honeymoon eventually ends and you get stuck in the process, feeling more hopeless than ever because you are going about it the long way.

There is nothing wrong with working on uncovering your own resistance but some people actually use that discovery phase to hide out in workshops, bury themselves in books and meditations, and wait for something to change. The process of self-reflection actually turns into a cocoon that keeps you away from your true desire in a sort of comfort zone. 3 Ways To Attract Your Mate Through Self Love

The reason you cannot release yourself from your patterns by looking for them is because your subconscious will hide them from you. The deeper mind doesn’t want you to change so it leads you down some pretty twisted paths that bring you back where you started. Then, you feel like you just wasted a ton of time and money with nothing to show for it. You can’t return back to ignorance because you know too much but you can’t seem to find your way forward.

Another drawback from looking and focusing on blocks is that you get more of what you focus on. If you continue to look at yourself as broken and needing to be fixed, you will be digging into a bottomless well of disillusionment. What you give your attention to will only get stronger, so stop focusing on what is wrong and turn the spotlight back on love and your true, amazing self.

Begin today by focusing on being your ideal self and finding your true partner. Hold the focus on that result and start taking powerful action toward that goal. Do you know what will show up for you? Everything that is stopping you will naturally appear and you will see your blocks in full force. 3 Reasons Why You Can't Find A Guy

Notice the things you avoid taking action on (like dating or socializing), the emotions that get triggered, the fears that show up...and most of all, that nasty inner voice that says you don't deserve it, there aren’t enough available men, I am too old, etc. Pay attention to how you act when you meet a nice guy as opposed to a charming womanizer and take note of where your subconscious is being drawn.

Next, just knowing your blocks doesn't change your results. You actually have to move through them and break the seal of your past patterns. It will feel uncomfortable and you will be tempted to retreat. But, once you get through the frights, it will be easier than you thought. The subconscious automatically shifts when it is exposed to a new experience, such as shifting relationship with one of your parents or facing your biggest fear. Hard Work Ahead: Are Relationships Really Worthwhile?

Lastly, you won't know the big master block that is your key to true love until after you have passed through it. All the people I worked with over the past ten years were all surprised at what was the key for them. You have to keep moving and releasing resistance until the trigger straw is lifted.

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The good part about experiencing setbacks and obstacles is that it means that you are on the right track. If you had total peace and calm along your journey to love, the reward you receive in a partner will be just as lukewarm. You aren't like everyone else who settles. You are looking for someone extraordinary. Be brave and move forward. Embrace the challenges along the way, as the blocks are actually your stepping stones to a greater love, a greater life and a greater you!


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