Resistance To Love? How To Overcome It For Good

Resistance is natural and a doorway to everything you want.

The really amazing thing is that this also happens when you meet a great match and good things happen. You find yourself rejecting the person, being overly critical of them, seeing them as needy and avoiding them. Sometimes they stick around and other times they just give up. When they leave, your ego feels a sense of relief but you have this weird, confused feeling as if you wonder why you couldn’t just let the guy into your heart.

The good news is that resistance is a sign that you are changing and on the RIGHT track. Even if the external experience seems unpleasant, if you can recognize it for what it is…you will stop taking it so seriously and keep pushing beyond it. Think of it as a doorway to a new future. It may take some effort to open the door but the reward is great on the other side.

If you are doing personal growth work and not meeting resistance then you aren’t getting to the root of change. I see people try to bypass resistance with fancy tricks and healing tools but this actually keeps you more stuck. If it feels too easy, there is no growth. No growth equals more of the same. Think of it like going to the gym and walking on the treadmill 1 mile per hour and wondering why you haven’t lost any weight!

Resistance doesn’t have to be traumatic either, unless you avoid it so much that it takes something drastic to get you to finally change. There is a divine force working through you that is always pushing you for more growth. Your true self wants to be more and have more of everything of life. It is the friction of the divine force and resistance that draws out your character, tests your faith and prepares you for the next level of your life experience.

Resistance prepares you for the greatest love of your life. The process naturally cleanses you of the barriers you placed long ago that you no longer need and reveals your true nature. It is the great loofah sponge of life! You glow, shine and attract a higher-level match from your authentic self on the other side.

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