Learning to Trust & Stop Predicting Your Love Life


You don't have a GPS for love. All you have is trust and faith.

I remember the day when I was driving to work in my brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee thinking about the layoffs that were going to happen in a few hours. Not being sure if my job was safe, I wondered if this was going to be the last day I would be on this road that took me to my office near Boulder, Colorado. The mood was quiet all morning and then I got the fated call from one of the officers of the company. That familiar sinking feeling came over me and I just knew what was ahead of me.

For months leading up to this moment I had grown increasingly unsatisfied with the corporate world and wanted to break free. I dreamed of the time I could do what I really loved and be self-employed. A few days earlier, I received a brochure in the mail from a Hypnotherapy School and I took it as a sign that I was ready to make a change. I wasn’t making the shift on my own, so I believed that my layoff was a big push from the universe. What held me back for so long is that my fear kept predicting a future of poverty if I left the comforts of secure employment.

If I had prayed to keep my job, I would never be where I am today. The transition was difficult and scary, but the move from corporate to self-employed was worth going through the fire. Only a year earlier I was praying that my fiancé would change his mind about having children so we didn’t have to break up. Now I am so glad that I didn’t settle just to be married. At these times, fear tried to predict a future of poverty and loneliness. We all think we know what is best for us and we resist the challenges that are presented thinking that we are just having bad luck.

What makes our life interesting is that we cannot see the future. If we did, it would be like doing a puzzle that we already have figured out or watching a movie that we already know the ending. We resist this unknown and try to force a future that we think is in our best interest without seeing the whole picture. When times are difficult, we must remember that there is something greater inside of us that can see more than we can perceive. This wiser part wants the best for us and we need to trust it more.

After I got my business set up and my life stable, I then became impatient with finding my true love. I was helping my clients attract their ideal partner and I was frustrated that hypnosis still wasn’t working for me. Looking back now I can see that every experience during that time exposed a part of me that I needed to heal and by going through those pseudo-relationships I learned to love myself a little more. My ideal guy was also not even living in Colorado or ready for a committed relationship until a few months before we met. Everything was working out perfectly behind the scenes when on the surface my life seemed so chaotic.

Many singles struggle with the “how” they are going to find love. They run scenario after scenario in their mind as to when and how they could possibly meet someone until they get dizzy and feel deflated. The tension builds because they are trying to control their destiny. I don’t recall anyone who clearly saw how the pieces fell together that led them to love before it actually happened. We don’t have a GPS for true love. All you have is faith to rely upon and that can be so hard to maintain.

So, the next time you go on a bad date or the man you thought was “the one” dumps you, remember that all isn’t what it seems. To get through the tough times, you can tell yourself, “I have no idea why this is happening, but I trust that I get everything I want in the end.” By connecting with your inner wisdom, you can feel supported and loved as you figure out the puzzle of your life.

Put down the crystal ball and trust. You may not get exactly what you want when you want it, but that doesn’t mean that all your dreams aren’t coming true. You just haven’t lived into that future with your ideal partner yet.