How Your Underwear Dictates Your Dating Life

How Your Underwear Dictates Your Dating Life [EXPERT]
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It's not only your smile or pretty dress, but something on the inside, that attracts him.

In order to attract a man who is mature enough to honor and respect you, it is important to come from a place where you are wise enough to recognize him. When the little girl is running your dating life, her blinders are shut to the ones who are ready for love. She gets distracted by the guy who is fun and forgets about the love she wanted in the first place. Is This Habit Keeping You Single?

So, the next time you go on a date, trade your ruffled panties for a sexy thong or Spanx. Become the woman who makes mature decisions from her grown-up self. Don't be the girl who waits around for a man to decide her worth, but a woman who comes already equipped with her own high value.

When you are making a decision during the dating process, avoid consulting with the little girl inside because she will always lead you to more of the same. Instead, ask yourself, "What would the powerful me do?" You don't have to follow rules of conduct set by others to get someone to respond to you.

Put on your big girl pants and you will be lead to that grown man in boxers has so much big love waiting for you. Planting The Seeds Of Love

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