Giving Up Is Not The Key To Finding Love


The key to finding love? Don't ever stop looking!

Stop looking so hard. When you least expect it, you will meet. When you stop looking, love will find you. How many times have you heard that from your married friends? Well meaning with their advice, they think finding a husband makes them a relationship expert. Giving up on love can only lead to one thing: no relationship.

I hear this a lot from people. They say they are just going to give up so they can take control over their lack of results. They are tired of trying so hard and think if they just give up the search that they can finally find some inner peace. Think about anyone with a big dream. Do you think giving up on a dream and letting fate take over brings that Olympic Gold or Championship Title? Does giving up on your business lead to more abundance? Giving up is shouting your order to the universe, "No, Thank you!" when inside you are secretly still craving the dream.

There is a difference between complacency and contentment. Trying too hard to find love gives you the opposite and giving up on love leads to the same result. So, how do you act without forcing the result? Be content with where you are right now and at the same time allowing something more to come in.

If you are single, you shouldn't be complacent. You deserve to have great love; you are not meant to be alone. Any desire in you is real and true. You are wired for a loving partnership and you should never feel that it is only reserved for a few “lucky” ones.

One great way to work with this method was described by Wallace Wattles in the book, "The Science of Getting Rich." He said that nothing is every finished but it is perfect in each moment. We have a natural desire to grow and become more than we are all the time. We are perfect in this place but we also have a natural urge to grow.

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Just look at nature. You go and see a beautiful mountain range, the flowers, the sunshine and the clouds. It is perfect, but it is still growing and changing. Just because new flowers come in doesn’t mean that it wasn't less perfect before. Just like you, you are beautiful right now where you are, you are still becoming and that journey continues throughout your life.

You can trust in that urge that there is a force inside of you that is compelled toward true love. Allow that force to continue to drive you toward what you want. Be happy now knowing that everything you desire is on its way to you. Don't give up especially when the external evidence is not appearing yet.

The key to finding your true love is holding the vision even when it seems impossible to your conscious, logical mind. Remember that true love is your divine right.  Any desire within you is a desire of the divine to be fulfilled through you. Let go of how and allow this powerful, unlimited force to show you the way.

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