Five Tips to Select the Best Costume to Meet Mr. Right

Five Tips to Select the Best Costume to Meet Mr. Right Instead of Mr. Fright this Halloween

Halloween is a great time of year to shed the normal masks of life and become someone a little different. Since social events tend to make singles more self-conscious about approaching each other, the costume party really helps to bring people out of their shell and express themselves in new ways. Selecting the right costume can impact your chances of meeting that special someone instead of going home with one of the ghouls of the night. Here are some tips to keep in mind when deciding your character for this year’s festivities:

1. Get into a New Character and Accent: Create a costume that gives you a new persona. Even if you’re shy becoming someone else will bring you out of your shell. Playing your ‘role’ can transform those awkward conversations into fun ones. You may find that after you pushed beyond your comfort zone that it isn’t so bad and you can carry your new outgoing personality beyond the fright season.

2. Try Something Interactive: Using props that people want to touch or hold are great conversation starters. Having a whip or a game to play on your costume can make you the life of the party. A friend of mine had a Velcro bulls-eye on her costume with a Velcro ball. She asked the guys at the party to try to hit the bulls-eye and she always had a line of men around her that night.

3. Be Memorable: This is your chance to stand out. Angels, devils, and cats usually get lost in the crowd. People are always drawn to connect with those with unique costumes. Go out on a limb! You don’t want to end up with someone boring, so don’t be boring yourself when selecting your outfit.

4. Dress Age Appropriate: If you’re not within 10 years of age from Miley Cyrus, don’t dress like her. Keep hemlines classy. You don’t want to attract the ghouls of the party dressed like a hooker, especially if you’re looking for a lasting relationship.

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