Feeling That Crazy Chemistry? Watch Out! It May Be A Red Flag


Chemistry is not always the sign of true love.

Finding love should be as easy as following your feelings. If you look for chemistry, you cannot make a mistake, right? Wrong. The truth about default chemistry is that it is not related to love at all. If you are centering your love decisions on this feeling, you are sure to be heartbroken.

Chemistry is what everyone is searching for in a partner. You don't want to just settle for a person that you don't have feelings for, but have you noticed that the ones you have feelings for are the ones who don't want to settle down? If you could just find that equal chemistry everything would be great.

You may also have experienced the chemistry flip-flop. You meet someone who is okay but who is crazy about you. You decide to give him (or her) a chance. As you go on a few dates you start to like them. You get excited thinking that you finally met your match. Almost overnight, after you finally started to feel affection toward them, they turn and they are the one who is feeling indifferent.

What is happening? Some people say that chemistry is hormones, but that is just explaining a physical reaction of something deeper. Romantic chemistry is psychological and created unconsciously. If you feel romantic chemistry, it can be a red flag for heartache.

You fit with people unconsciously like puzzle pieces. Your piece fits with a psychological component inside of them. Some pairs are closer than others. When the match corresponds tightly, it feels explosive and intense.

Romantic chemistry ignites something inside of each person. Sometimes it is one-sided and other times it is mutual. The mutual chemistry is that one that burns out very quickly. Your puzzle piece is basically your shadow parts that have remained unconscious. These are unresolved parts of your psyche, not the enlightened ones.

To grow psychologically, you are unconsciously drawn to people (by chemistry) who fit with your parts so you can become conscious of them. You may notice that you are always attracting the same default relationship. Most people never get too close to allow this natural process of growth occur inside. One or both parties get too uncomfortable and bolt only to repeat the pattern with someone else.

This is why you always get that ex reappearing out of nowhere and then losing interest again when you get close again. They are draw by this chemistry but are repelled by their own shadow they see in you. If you are the one who was rejected, you will continue to put that ex on a pedestal blindly believing that the chemistry was about love.

Does true love involve chemistry? Yes, it is what we call a Conscious Chemistry®. If you are able to become intimate with yourself and work through your shadow parts BEFORE you meet someone, you are going to be attracted to someone who is more open to intimacy.

In Conscious Chemistry, you know that when you get infatuated, those feelings are a projection of your mind. Then you can see the person for who they truly are and avoid putting them on a pedestal. You don't seek a partner to fill a piece of your puzzle but rather to create a whole new masterpiece together.

Conscious Chemistry is NOT boring. You get to feel all those great feelings without all those crazy highs and lows and the love you feel is more genuine and lasting. The relationship will be totally different than the familiar patterns of the past.

You know you have true conscious chemistry when love rules your emotions rather than fear. You will realize that you have known them forever because the love you feel has always been waiting to be awakened inside of you.

This article was originally published at http://creativelove.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.