Facing Your Fears Can Build Your Dating Confidence

Going toward what scares you in dating can release hidden blocks to love.

Most people jump into personal development to help solve a problem. The real goal is to have a new experience or result whether it is a new love, a new career or a new level in income. In that desire itself, your subconscious has already built a trap for you because it doesn’t want to change. Clever little function, it rigs your progress and tries to get you to self-destruct before the change happens. Darn that subconscious!

Your subconscious isn’t mean or vindictive but is actually following your orders. Somewhere along the way in your early life you tried something and you were rejected, emotionally hurt or, in some cases, physically harmed. Since this deep mind’s goal is to move you from pain to pleasure, it will do whatever it can to help you avoid the pain again. For instance, if you wanted love from a certain family member and was turned away, hit or criticized, your subconscious will learn that reaching out causes a negative response and will talk you out of doing that again.

Many times this unconscious part of you leads you to more lasting pain because it doesn’t believe that there is another way. You learn to put up with bad behavior or get stuck in a cycle of dullness, never reaching for a new way to live and be with others. The subconscious is really, really afraid of new things because it doesn’t think in logical terms, it just repeats patterns it learned from the past. This conditioned response is safer than something unpredictable and that is why people have a difficult time changing.

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