Do You Suffer From Pre-Mature Love Manifestation?

You want love NOW, but are you ready for him?

Lisa was a successful, beautiful woman in her thirties. She wanted to get married, have children and she tried so hard to find a husband. She did a ton of self-help work and felt like she was ready for her dream guy. Every time she met a man who fit her list and she thought she had found “the one,” the relationship only lasted one to three months. The guy always ended up being unavailable emotionally for a long-term commitment.

She came to me frustrated asking me to help her use the law of attraction to manifest her mate. She wanted him NOW as she was reaching the edge of her thirties and time was running out to have children. I felt her pain because I was in her shoes but I knew that her desperation would work against her and she wasn’t ready. She would keep creating the same heartbreak scenario again as she still didn’t master the one key for lasting love.

The problem is that Lisa suffered from pre-mature manifestation. She didn’t have issues getting dates or interest from attractive, successful men. They flew in and out of her life like a revolving door; she just couldn’t get any of them to stick. She wondered if she was flawed, getting too old or needed to tone down her success because it intimated the men she dated. Her failures were only caused by her inability to see her value and the discipline of mind to hold the idea that she was the prize. In other words, she lost her mojo when she liked someone.

There is a strange statistic with lottery winners. 70% of them go bankrupt within five years of winning their prize. Why is that? They didn’t have the mindset to hold on to the money. The subconscious ideas of poverty were still active and created the experience of lack even in the midst of wealth on the external level.

The same thing happens with attracting love. You could randomly draw in a great guy, but if your mind is not set up to receive great love, the relationship will fail. If you come from a love poverty mentality, such as needing him to complete you, you can kiss the new romance goodbye before it even gets off the ground. Worse, you can remain in a relationship filled with internal angst wondering if he is going to leave at anytime. Either way, the picture isn’t pretty and you are feeling worse because you had a taste of what you want but couldn’t hold on to it.

So many singles think that if they just manifested their mate, all will be well. They justify their plight away with explanations such as he just wasn’t the right person or it wasn’t the right timing and that somehow destiny would work its way out. I used to think that too, and I wasted over two decades waiting for my luck to turn around until I finally realized that the master key to lasting love was within me, not in finding my ideal guy.

An easy way to check if you are truly ready for love is to see how you react if you have to wait another year to find each other. If that makes you feel anxious or fearful, you most probably need to work on letting go of the neediness you feel for a relationship. You have to stop believing that the relationship will save you, make you feel better about yourself or give you something you don’t already have. If you don’t address this, you will magnify the needy feelings when you meet someone and he will be gone before the relationship gets warmed up.

No matter how long you have been single and how impatient you may be, if you simply work with this one key, you will manifest your mate sooner and it won’t be pre-mature. When you feel full of love and happy with yourself, you will truly be ready, relaxed and open to give love instead of need love. Don’t be the bankrupt lottery winner. Fill your self-love bank account so you have more to give when he arrives. He’ll be happy to stick around and spread the wealth with you.

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