Are you looking for just a man or for your true love?

You can use the law of attraction to attract any man, but are you ready for great love?

As a young girl, I loved to hang out in the kitchen when my mom was baking. I remembered that no matter how hungry I was, I had to wait for the cake to be done  before we took it out and it was ready to devour. If we removed it too soon, it would just be a floury, pasty blob. Just like all good things in life, they are the most delicious when prepared and ready.

As I grew older, I made a cake myself. I was so proud to pull that beautiful masterpiece out of the oven and spread the icing to make it more appealing. I served it to my family and we all realized that it tasted weird. I ran through the recipe and realized I had forgotten to put the sugar in the mix. One ingredient short and it messed up the whole thing. Just like me, no matter how good I felt I looked on the outside, the missing ingredient of self-love ruined every relationship in my path.

No one knows more than I do about impatience in dating. I was the poster child for trying too hard and wanting love to happen urgently. I wasn’t ready and prepared for an amazing guy like Roberto because I was still feeling that lack of sweetness toward myself. My inner-sugar was missing!

In the book “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill says that there is a difference between wishing and willing for something and being ready to receive it. This may sound confusing for you at first, but let me explain a bit more. Being ready to receive means that you trust it is already there and that you deserve it. When you are wishing and willing, there is fear that you will never find it and that is what you keep creating.

Saying a few affirmations and putting a vision board can help you attract a man, but if you are still feeling not good enough on the inside, you will attract a man who will match that not good enough feeling. He will be as void of inner sugar as you and the relationship will be sour.

The best thing you can do to draw in true love is to prepare yourself internally. Imagine if you are having a very important guest for dinner. You would make sure that the house is clean, the table set and the meal is delicious and ready to serve. Just like a new relationship, you have to set up the environment in your mind to create the space for lasting love.


Here is my recipe for your feast of love:

  1.     Know that you are already perfect, stop fixing yourself.
  2.     Discover your inner sugar – your divine joy/happiness
  3.     Avoid the scraps of men (or women) who don’t fit your high ideal of love
  4.     Keep your emotions at the right temperature – balanced without drama
  5.     Refuse the left-overs of relationships past
  6.     If you don’t know how to prepare for a relationship, get a guide or master love-chef so you will short-cut the mistakes and stay on track
  7.     Open your senses to take in all the lessons as you blend, stir and pour your ideal self-image into the container of higher love frequency
  8.     Trust that if you follow the right recipe that everything will turn out.
  9.     Don’t try to skip steps or ingredients and be forced to start over from scratch.
  10.     Continue to prepare with patience trusting that the timer will ding and a delicious ideal match will be served to you.

Remember that love isn’t in another person. Love is an experience that comes from inside of you. No one can give you love; it is your job to cultivate that love mind within you so you can draw in the person who mirrors that energy.


Anxiety, fear, worry are not the mental conditions that attract a lasting love relationship. You know when you are ready when you shift from wishing and willing to trusting that love is already here for you right now. By continuing to focus inward on managing your mind, you will be less likely to have the grasping energy to lasso a potential mate to tame.

Changing your focus from external to internal takes practice. The good news is that no effort is wasted and you only have to reach 51% faith for your love to appear. You will always have some doubt, you just cannot let that worry run your life and keep creating the conditions of lack.

Preparing for love isn’t about fixing yourself or healing yourself. You are already healed. Your job is to remove the clouds of your limited thinking and reveal the beautiful you that is already alive and ready for a higher love experience. It may take a little more time for your treat to arrive, but the preparation will be worth it and save you years of heartache with the wrong person. When your ideal match arrives, you will truly know that good things are worth the wait.

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