Creating Division


Why do people still talk about men and women as if we're different species?

Winston Churchill once said that the sex war was the longest war that no one had ever won, and he was right. In this the 21st Century you would think that men and women would be further towards understanding each other than we are.

Of course, I’m speaking generally here, because there are many excellent cross-gender relationships out there where communication and respect are intrinsic values for both parties. On the other hand, I still encounter people who feel that they can’t communicate properly and effectively across the sexual divide; the one that says ‘all women are’ or ‘all men are’.

My solution to this has been to redefine what it means to me to be human, which is that I have no gender, race, colour, creed, or religion. I see myself as spirit, and believe that in spirit there are no such divisions, only love is known and acknowledged in spirit. To quote Bridget Jones Diary “Just the way you are”.

In bringing this approach into my life I have been able to dismiss the perceived limitations of my gender, and recognise that men have feelings too that are not wrong because they are different. That two halves make a whole, and that different body shapes indicate where a person’s abilities might best be used. Nothing more.

If we think of each other as people first with a gender - whatever that is - suited to a particular style of relationship, and don’t use our body shape to bash each other, we would all have a happier life.

What do you think? Can we switch from gender - and all the other perceived barriers - to just being people?

Deb (Dancing Star) Hawken is the author of Who am I, Where am I, What is this Place? and is an Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Life Coach and Psychic Medium. To connect with Deb, please click here.

This article was originally published at Deb Dancing Star Hawken on Facebook. Reprinted with permission from the author.