The Secret Ingredient To Freedom In Your Relationships

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It seems so obvious and yet how often do we just forget to express this one attitude?

Wouldn't it be firecracker fabulous if every single day of your relationships felt like the 4th of July? What would that look and feel like? Want to know the secret?

First let me share my 4th of July memories with you and then I'll let you in on the secret. For as long as I can remember we always had huge family gatherings at my aunt's house on the 4th. She lives near the High School where there would be the most amazing fireworks display. Growing up it was a day spent in her pool with everyone playing Marco Polo or water volleyball. There was always a Bomb Dive Splash contest and the annual family photo at one end of the pool. My uncle always stood at the end on the left, the easiest spot to run to once he'd set up the camera on a stack of books piled on the diving board. How grateful I was to be part of such a big family with 23 cousins!

When I was 17, my oldest cousin came with his friend and although I didn't know anything about homosexuality, I knew they were in love and never for a moment questioned if it was right or wrong, normal or not. It just was. I knew this was the real deal and they have been together for 42 years! How grateful I was to have a new cousin  and for a non-judgmental accepting family!

The basic BBQ menu is still basically the same: juicy burgers, perfectly grilled dogs, regular white buns or healthy whole grain. Watermelon, potato salad and slaw and still served on sturdy blue or pink plastic plates. There are always too many cakes and desserts that will end up in the freezer until Labor Day. How grateful I am for having so healthy food to eat and share with my family and friends!

For my generation, Marco Polo gave way many years ago to lively discussions, board games, long walks around the neighborhood with my cousins,catching up on all of our intimate musings until the fireworks started. We're no longer 23 and many of us have moved away. And how grateful I am for the closeness we have always shared!

Gratitude isn't a secret. It's an attitude, a mindset that makes everything in the world happier, brighter and possible. And it's the easiest, healthiest and most loving way to celebrate all your relationships!

Think about how wonderful it feels to both of you when you tell your partner that you are blissfullly grateful to share a walk in the summer breeze with him and how much you appreciate every little thing he does for you.

Savor how delicious it feels for your child to hear how much you loved his performance at school and what radiant light, love and joy he brings to you every day!

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