How To Get Him To Listen With Sensual Communication


See how your communication flourishes when you become a sensually empowered communicator!

In the previous blog, I wrote about the serial communication buster, wife number one of the man with two wives. Now it’s time to meet wife number two, Monica, who's also had a trying day at work. Her normal pumpkin sized patience has also withered down to the size of a pea.

As she nears her front door, she hears a guitar playing. The first thing Monica does is STOP. She knows she’s feeling triggered and ready to fire. So she just STOPS and holds her tongue.

Next, she OBSERVES everything happening around her from a place of sensual perception.

  •     What was she really hearing as she was guitar music?
  •     What did she really see when she walked into her home? She saw her husband   and son completely engrossed in one of those special father and son moments.
  •     What did she really feel deep down in her heart and soul once she took a deep breath and focused on what she was perceiving through her body and her senses? She felt happiness, joy, peace, serenity and LOVE..
  •     What did she imagine? With a smile, she thought how romantic it would be if one summer evening he serenaded me with his guitar under a starry sky with his voice that really couldn’t carry a tune!

Now she took the time to BREATHE in that lavish feeling and let it vibrate within and around her.

She savored the Happiness that she felt knowing husband and son had such a great relationship. She reveled in the joy she felt when entering her house filled with music and let it take away the stress of her busy day. She tasted the Love and gratitude for being part of this family that they all created together.

Instead of getting hot under the collar, resentful and lashing out when the music was done, she quietly sat down next to them and when the song was over, she told them how blessed and happy she was in this moment and how peaceful it was to just be together. So what if her day was rotten, this family was her haven of peace and harmony. She decided this felt like the perfect moment to bring out some fruit, cheese and wine. Her nasty day at work was taking on a different perspective. If she still felt the need to share those feelings later, she’d do it briefly and calmly in an appropriate manner when her husband was more available to support her. But she was already suspecting that it was just one of those fluky bad days and not really a big deal.

Now here’s the beautiful part. You can choose how to respond to any situation. But to do that, we have to learn to observe and appreciate the world around us with our body and our senses. For women, we instinctively know how to live a sensually empowered life. However, most of us live way too much in our heads disconnected and from what our senses are telling us and numbed to those perceptions. It’s time to really know what triggers our responses.

We all agree that positive thinking is the way to go, right. But if we could think our way out of our thoughts, we’d have already done it. What’s going on is that we don’t even know we’re thinking those thoughts because we are so busy lamenting like a victim and striking out with misplaced anger all made up in our heads with our Internal Chain of Commands and the stories we tell ourselves.

What’s one sense you can focus on today? Pick one and the acutely perceive your world today through that sense. Note down the feelings, images, daydreams and ideas that come to you. If you feel negativity, that’s great! Ask yourself what triggered it? What’s going on? How can you turn that into a positive empowering thought instead?

It’s a whole lot easier than you think and you’ll start feeling lighter in no time. Really, you will!

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To Your Sensually Empowered Communication!


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