5 Love Lessons From Santa, Of All People

mini santa carrying a heart
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The bearded man knows a lot about love.

At Santa's ripe old age, he's got almost as many tips on healthy relationships and communication as there are champagne corks popping on New Year's Eve. In the spirit of the holidays, here are his five sexiest tips for couples on love, communication and being naughty or nice:

1. Sexy love bites. Every kid knows that Santa is not a mind-reader, and to get Santa to deliver what you want your "Dear Santa" letter has to be crystal clear and mailed on time. Santa says there's nothing sexier than a woman knowing how to confidently express her wants and needs. Quite frankly, until Mrs. Claus filled him in on her unique communication style, he just didn't know what to say that would always make her feel loved. Once he had the scoop on how to make her feel hot, desirable and loved, their sexy love bites turned into a daily habit and loving became a lot more torrid.

2. Believe in something ... and most of all, believe in you! Even Santa knows that there comes a point where kids' belief in him turns into something deeper. Generosity, the spirit of giving, sharing and loving are what come to mind. Believing, too, that you are worthy and deserving of all the abundance, wealth and joy the universe has to offer is the attitude that keeps love alive in your soul.

3. Recognize the greatness in each other. Whether he's stuffing stockings or answering letters, Santa knows that what really gets to your heart and soul isn't found on a mantle or under a tree. What really counts in healthy relationships is letting another person shine by openly acknowledging and accepting their uniqueness and brilliance when you see it.

Why do you think he picked Rudolph to head up his herd of dashing coursers? The entire world knows the story, every reindeer's name and how courageously they overcome every obstacle in the universe to fulfill their commitment to Christmas Eve deliveries. Now who wouldn't glow with that kind of authentic love and appreciation being shouted from the rooftops!

Santa's no fail appreciation strategy: Call or text your mate with a few words of appreciation right now and see the glow on their face and feel the glow in your heart, too!

4. Add more "HO! HO! HO!" to your relationship! Let's face it, the holiday season stresses out the best of us! Whether he's covered in soot and nearly stuck in a chimney that's too tight, dealing with technical glitches and personality clashes among the elves, or is suffering from chilblains up there at the North Pole, Santa knows that laughter and fun are so much sexier than a "woe is me" attitude. Far from making light of serious issues or avoiding confrontation, he never ignores what he's feeling. He knows how to manage his emotions on his own and communicate them with respect, all the while keeping it in perspective.

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