The Easiest & Best Valentine's Day Gift Ever

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You've read all the articles, watched all the videos, heard all the love songs and listened to all the webinars. You've racked your brain or searched on google for your favorite love quote from Shakespeare and you're still stuck on what to give to Mr Wonderful or even Mr Potentially Wonderful for Valentine's Day.

Here is the ultimate perfect gift and all it takes is some time and thought. Well, all great gifts take that, I know, and we all seem to be short on time.

Gratitude, Baby.

As women we toss compliments back and forth all day. We love hearing them from our men..."Oh my darling, you look wonderful tonight!" Thank you, Eric Clapton. Think about how giddy you feel when your man gives you a compliment. I hope you feel like you're on a cloud and tell him how that makes you feel like his one in a million girl. Now mulitply that by 10 or 100 and you'll have an idea of how a man feel when he's appreciated by a woman. If you still can't imagine that, think of a peacock with it's tail feathers all puffed out. Ready to strut and show off that he knows how to please you.

Did you know that most men feel underappreciated for the things they do for us? Of course, you say thank you, right? Hopefully, you don't mention the one little detail that wasn't perfect and that is the topic of another article.

When was the last time you made up a "The Things I Love About You List" of all the amazing wonderful things you love about your man? I'm betting probably never.

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