50 Ways To Love Our Mothers


Beyond celebrating moms one day a year what are some other ways to love our mothers?

Without being completely gushy, I have to admit that it doesn’t take much to give me giddy goose-bumps of happiness when it comes to the absolute joy of kids, family and friends beaming with loving pride and some parental bragging rights. I think mothers should be honored everyday not just on Mother's Day.

The holiday is not without controversy, though. Even the creator of Mother’s Day in America, Anne Jarvis, was dismayed to see commercialism take over what she wanted “to be a day of sentiment, not profit.”  And, I am not insensitive to people who for whatever reason share more sorrow than joy on Mother’s Day. Hearing the news of a friend's daughter being killed at 17 left me devastated with an unimaginable feeling of helplessness and utter dismay at what she must have been feeling at that moment and still may feel today. I venture to say that every maternal heart breaks a bit when it hears that a child has been lost.

How can one not be moved by stories of women dying in childbirth, women losing children and children losing mothers, fathers losing the mothers of their children? There’s no shortage of heart-wrenching maternal stories in the world. Yet, should that stop anyone else from celebrating mothers everywhere, not just on a specific day of the year but every day of the year?

I’ve declared a new way, or at least 50 ways, of honoring mothers around the world with your help.  Please take a moment and share your feelings about ways to love your mother or all mothers in the comments below.

I’m counting on you for sharing with us all at least 50 WAYS TO LOVE OUR MOTHERS. Thanks for all your comments!

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To Loving Our Mothers!


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