5 Communication Habits That Lead To Divorce

5 Communication Habits That Lead To Divorce [EXPERT]
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Nagging is one of many. Which habits do you have?

4. Interrupting, finishing sentences and forgetting to pause. This is a bundle because when you have one you almost always have the other two as well. How many of us have forgotten what we learned in grammar school? Don't interrupt and let the other person take time to formulate an answer. On this level, men and women communicate so differently.

Men often complain that they are still thinking about an answer when their partner starts badgering them for a quicker response or asks another question while they are still thinking about the last one. Take time to pause by counting to 30 before saying anything at all and don't ask several questions at once. And while you're at it, do as we do in France: Roll your tongue around your mouth seven times before you speak.

You might look like a cow chewing your cud but it forces you to slow down and really think about what you're going to say. It might even get a smile in an otherwise tense situation, but at least your partner will feel respected and know that you're patiently giving him to time to respond.

5. Focusing on the negative, and impoliteness. Somewhere along the way, the idea of polite requests, please, thank you and other words of appreciation in everyday conversations have gone the way of the Smith-Corona typewriter. From the classic, "Don't leave the toilet seat up!" to "How long does it take to empty the trash?" — these commands are the quickest way to send a man to his man cave.

Instead, adopt this simple one-liner that will train any man to jump up and help. "Honey, I feel like a queen when you see the trash can is full and take it out for me! Thank you so much for doing that!" There's nothing wrong with a little over the top appreciation which always works and is the best way to foster open, loving authentic communication.