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6 Red Flags Telling You To Ditch Your Partner!

Love, Heartbreak

1. He doesn’t want to introduce you to family, friends or associates. If he doesn’t want to introduce you to the people he’s close to, then he wants to keep you a secret for some reason, either because he isn’t proud of you and isn’t that into you, or because he may have another girl that he’s already seeing. 2. He doesn’t make you a priority. If it often seems like you are shuffled down in his list of priorities, underneath friends, family, work, and other things, then it’s a sure sign that either something sketchy is up or he doesn’t see you as an important part of his life. 3. He isn’t close with his family (or is estranged from them) and has zero or very few friends. Building and maintaining lasting relationships is an important skill and requires selflessness and effort to keep up. If someone is unable to do that, or has no desire to, then what makes you think he is capable of keeping a lasting relationship with you? He may have issues with intimacy or personal connection, or it just simply may not be something that’s important to him. Either way, red flag! 4. He is very secretive: If he appears to be more secretive than you think is natural, i.e. is elusive about many of his plans, seems secretive with his cellphone and laptop and keeps them away from you, ultra private about his personal life or job… Something fishy is going on! He may not be keeping secrets from you or living a double-life. Not something you want to be a part of. 5. He is rude to waiters and staff: If he’s rude to waiters or staff or other people in the service industry, that’s a sign of his true character. He is putting on a front to woo you, but soon that façade will crumble and this other side will reveal itself in due time – watch out! 6. He shows signs of Selfishness: He is cheap and doesn’t tip well (yes, look at the tip he leaves!), he always comes first, he doesn’t go down on you or like to please you in bed… All signs of being self-absorbed that are only going to get worse as the relationship progresses.