Women who push their own buttons!


Contrary to the myths, wives tales and social morays, women are sexual creatures.

They have the confidence to enjoy sex and be sexual, and the freedom of choosing how, when and with whom they enjoy it with. With this, comes a new independence that women are actively pursuing. No longer satisfied to sit home alone waiting for Mr. Right to find them to make them feel good. Women are empowered to make themselves feel good. They are taking their computers by their cursors and boldly blazing new frontiers in the world wide web of electronic erotica.

Women no longer have to fear being seen walking into a sex shop or video store to purchase their porn. Now they can do it in the privacy and safety of their own homes. This opens up a whole new world of choices for a woman today. Relating to online shopping, women purchase and view movies, clothing, lingerie, shoes, and are responsible for over 75% of sex-toy and accessory purchases.


The rise of online porn purchases by women has certainly changed with the way the adult industry markets have packaged and presented their products. While it used to cater to a mainly male audience it is now marketing and appealing to women that do enjoy sex just as much as men. Women peruse porn, buy and watch movies, download clips and photos, purchase sex toys, discover their fetishes and no longer have to feel shame for wanting sexual gratification. Now she has access to a whole world of choices for her pleasures. Even when she is enjoying her pleasures by herself!

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