Why a husband no longer desires his wife


Understanding your husband and why he may have lost desire in the marriage

In some cases after a woman has had a child or children she may notice that her husband has become more distant and is lacking in the desire that he once had for her. He no longer desires his wife and she wants to get him back in the mood. There are some women who many not care, or even take notice, but at the same time there are other women who do take notice and are upset that their lovemaking and his lack of desire for her has greatly decreased. This article is to understand a man better and give women solutions as to why her husband may no longer desire her. In my first article "Reasons why a husband does not want to have sex with his wife" goes into other areas of clinical issues, this article is about solutions for women to follow for less complicated situations.

#1. A woman may have ignored her husband for too long after the children were born
This is one of the most common reasons for a husband to lose desire for his wife and that is the neglect that some husbands experience after a woman has had a child. Many times a woman is so hyper focused on the new child that she almost forgets about her husbands need for sexual intimacy and closeness. She may turn him away so many times that he just begins to give up on having his wife back

This of course is normal in the first three months after a child is born, with the woman getting her hormones back and nursing the child and such, but when it goes on longer than that, then a woman may need to go back and talk to her doctor about her hormones or lack of desire. If this is not health related than a husband and wife need to make time for each other, set up a date night, and a love making night. With most husbands if the sexual intimacy comes back he is more likely to help out with the baby, and be more understanding when his wife needs some time away as well. When a man can still feel the love and affection from his wife, then he will fell he has not lost her to the child. On a side note, for husbands, give your wife time to heal and offer her space from the baby so that she can recharge herself and come back to you with more energy. Having a baby can be a life altering experience, so there is an adjustment time, be patient with each other.

#2. A woman who puts her husband down and is moody and grumpy to be around
There is nothing worse than a husband coming home from work every night to a grumpy, nagging miserable wife. She may not even realize that she is doing this because she has been doing it for so long. Then one day she wonders why her husband no longer wants to have sex with her or comes home from work and is late several nights during the week.

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