What To Do For Your Man On Valentines Day

What To Do For Your Man On Valentines Day

Women take charge this year of your Valentine’s Day plans!

So many women get worked up over this one holiday, wondering what their husband, boyfriend; man is going to plan for them. This holiday is notorious for disappointing more women around the world than any other national event. The reason why it is so disastrous is that women put all of the power into the hands of the man, to make the plans. This Valentine Day event supposedly is the one day for the man to prove his love and devotion to you, do something so special that it will knock your romantic sock s off (or in his mind your panties, if he gets it done properly), but rarely meets up to anyone’s expectations..

Take the pressure off of both of you this year and surprise him with the plans, yourself.

I know that this idea sounds all wrong but if you can follow my cue it may turn out to be the best well played out Valentine’s Day ever. Take charge of the evening, by first sending him a text, voice mail, e-mail and invite him over for a special Valentine’s Day diner. Tell him that you are going to be his gift for dessert. The psychology behind this no pressure Valentine’s Day evening has a twist. You let your man know that you want to take the pressure off of the day and please him, make it all about him, and then in exchange when it is not “The Day”, have him take the time and plan a special evening for you to celebrate it with you in his own way. Most men will be so relieved and appreciate it that what they end up planning in return is so much better than a pressured holiday reservation.

What this plan does for the women is to put her in charge of the day, there are not disappointments, no expectations, just a relaxing, romantic sexy evening. Then this also gives the man the opportunity to relax and do something nice for you without the pressure of the holiday. It is a win win situation for both of you, and with a no pressure the time you do spend together will be one of joy, connection and hopefully some amazing passionate love making!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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