Staying healthy for your partner stimulates better sex


How many of us get into a relationship, get comfortable, then begin to put on the pounds on slowly?

Then before you know it you have gained weight?

That once great interest in looking good to attract the opposite sex has now vanished. Staying healthy and attractive for your partner should be a priority in any relationship.

In an article that I wrote for Squidoo “Reasons why a husband does not want to have sex with his wife”, the top reason was loss of attraction. Men are more visual then women when it comes to sex, they see the female body as a turn on. For many men a few extra pounds on a woman is fine. The majority of men like curvy women, but beyond that a woman’s body begins to lose it shape. Not only does she become less curvy but it can affect a woman’s sex drive and overall stamina. It also makes a statement to her man when she no longer cares enough about herself to look good for him. A bigger woman can still be beautiful and attractive, but a woman who does not take care of herself just becomes a large woman.

The man does not get off the hook in this department either. Any man that gets in a relationship, and allows his breast and belly to match a pregnant woman’s body is not only going to be less attractive to his partner, but he will smell less attractive to her as well. When a man gains increased belly fat he also increases his estrogen levels changing the hormones in his body. Women may not be as visual as a man, but her sense of smell is much stronger. Many women unknowing will pick a mate based on his pheromone (smell) that his natural body releases. When a man has higher testosterone and is in good physical health his smell will be more attractive to a woman. The opposite is also true, when a man is in poor health and overweigh he will release more estrogen and smell less attractive to her...

Staying healthy for your partner is part of letting them know that you love, respect and value them. The other benefit is that you will feel much better about yourself and that is where the sexy starts!!.

This article was originally published at . Reprinted with permission from the author.