Reasons Why A Woman Cheats In The Marriage

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why a woman cheats

Fact, more married women are cheating on their husbands than ever before.

The reasons a woman cheats may be different than why a man does. In this article we will look at the psychology of why women cheat and how they do it. In the past ten years the amount of women that cheat in marriage has gone up considerably, the one problem is getting a realistic pole on this more taboo subject.

The cheating from a woman seems to be much more of a secretive past time, because the man she cheats with are not likely to spill the beans.

Keeping her emotions in check
There are more women cheating in a marriage than statically calculated and that is because woman cheat differently than men and the men that woman are cheating with are less likely to blow their cover.

If the woman can keep her emotions in check with the man that she is having the affair with, he will most likely not pressure her to get out of the marriage or cause a problem in the marriage for her. Women are capable of this type of relationship, but typically when this happens she will also begin to emotionally leave the marriage as well. A man can have an affair for the sole purpose of having sex, where as some woman might be able to do that, but normally a woman is more at risk for getting emotionally involved. Men are much better at placing their feeling aside and getting on with their day, whereas a woman will allow her emotions to take over and the relationship she is having outside the marriage can eventually consume her thoughts.  Read more

This article was originally published at Squidoo. Reprinted with permission from the author.