My Job as a Clinical Sexologist & Relationship Counselor


I am going to be a sex slave on a farm to service several young men, please help me.

I had just finished a couples counseling session on how to add more intimacy back into their marriage. I walked the couple out of my office, and no sooner did my hot line ring.

I never really know who the person is calling or live chatting in because they are anonymous, and the calls are international? I could receive a call from anyone anywhere around the world!


I picked up the chat line and read the first instant chat from the computer screen.

“I know that you may not understand why I have chosen this path but it is something that I have to do; I am going to be a sex slave on a farm to service several young men, please help me. “

This was my first of many conversations with my client X.

My response was, “How can I help you with your situation, is this something that you are sure that you have to do?”

"Yes, she said I am sure, I need your help to teach me about my body, what to do to please a man, and understand how I can be a good servant to my madam, as I have only been with one man myself."

At that point since it was a chat session I could not hear her voice and I had no information to go on other than what she was telling me, I decided to go along with it for a while.


In my profession as a clinical sexologist, this was boarding on a fantasy call to me rather than a “therapy session” so I thought?

I was not 100% sure that it was not true, so I felt an obligation to hear her out further and quite frankly I was a little curious myself.


I said, “Tell me about your situation in more detail so I can better help you with how you are about to live your life, and by the way how old are you?”

"I am 21 and yes this is my choice to go there, It is a chosen path for me, one that my mother was also a sex slave for the same women, years ago. I grew up on the farm, and now I am asked to do my service back for the care that I received growing up. My job to my madam is to service the young stable lads so that they will perform their duties without distraction and be rewarded for good service. The madam herself is going to take it upon herself to train me, and to make me an obedient slave girl to serve not only the young lads but her as well. I am somewhat frightened and would like to know how it might feel to have sex with many men in many different ways, along with obedience training and how to please them".

At that point I was feeling like I had become a part in a play where I was the professional responsible for educating her. She wanted me to share with her my knowledge on how her body would function, what she needed to do to turn the young men on, how to preform he duties as a slave and the clinical aspects of the human body..

I explained to her that I needed to be comfortable with giving information like this as opposed to being part of a fantasy, as that was beyond my scope of practice.


After the first initial call, twenty more proceeded for over a six month period of time, and as the information was gathered and collected to the best of my ability and knowledge, I came to believe that this young girl was truly going to be a sex slave. At our last call she informed that she was leaving in a week and appreciated all that I had done for her. It has been two years since we last spoke, and I can only hope that the path she chose was the right one, but I will never really know.

More adventures to come of being a clinical sexologist….

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