Lonely but married how long will I feel this way?


The idea of marriage is to find that one person to spend your life with in a blissful partnership…….

The reality is that so many individuals that are married are lonely, sad and feel a loss of connection in their lives. Couples living separate lives but staying married, out of fear of being alone if not married. As crazy at that sounds many couples will stay in a marriage that leaves them feeling lonely out of fear of being alone.

The main difference between being alone (not married) and feeling alone in a marriage is the loss of connection with a spouse leading to feelings of hurt time and time again. This is one aspect of loneliness that is not often discussed. The feelings of rejection that go along with the loneliness in the marriage. The lack of closeness that one is not able to get with their spouse nor with another person because they are married. Often times people just shut down, or let that part of themselves go.

The solution is to be pro-active in one’s life, not just the relationship but life itself!

If you are feeling lonely in your marriage do something about it today, because it is not just the loneliness that you are feeling it is the sense of not being loved by the person that you are married to. No one should have to live their life in a situation like this, but only you can change it, change yourself and the circumstances. Talk to your spouse about your feelings, plan an activities with them, if they are not interested then begin to work on your own life. Understand that you deserve to be happy and loved, a lonely marriage is not a marriage at all!

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