Learn how to have better sex in your marriage


Sex is an important part of marriage, but also one of the first areas that couples forget to work on

Maintaining a healthy sex life is one way that a couple can stay connected to one another.

Many times when the relationship gets tough from added stresses in life, it can affect the couple’s sex life. The solution is to make sex a priority, taking the time to work on the sexual intimacy in the relationship will help strengthen the bond between husband and wife.

As a sex therapist I work with my clients to help them better communicate and be more comfortable talking about sex with one another. Communication is the key to working on the sex in the marriage, talking to one another about sex rather then keeping it in and getting frustrated.

It is not uncommon for couples that have been married for awhile to still feel embarrassed talking about sex. What happens is that they just over time expect their partner to know how to please them, but bodies change over time, along with sex drive, age and life changes. What may have been a sexual turn on in the beginning of the marriage is no longer a turn on. The couple does not want to express this to their partner, for fear of hurting their feeling or thinking that there is something wrong with them.  Read more

This article was originally published at Marriage Sexual Counseling. Reprinted with permission from the author.