Jennifer Lopez and I have something in common


I opened an article on Jennifer Lopez about her divorce, children, and dating a younger man

I drove down to visit my mom in the hospital today, because she was having heart problems along with psychological issues. As I drove into the hospital I went the wrong way and did not even notice the spiked steel tire slathers which I drove over, creating a flat tire. I thought to myself do I have a black cloud hovering over my head, this horrible divorce I am going through will it ever end?

I got to the hospital after dealing with my flat tire to see my mom in a complete psychotic breakdown from the doctors not giving her the proper medication. I sat down in the chair and said I just need a minute to clear my head. I opened an article on Jennifer Lopez about her divorce, her children, and the younger man she was dating. Wow, I thought that is my life, minus the fame fortune and money….

I have to admit even though Jennifer Lopez is Jennifer Lopez, I could relate to her life reading her story and if for anything else that day for about ten minutes it gave me peace and hope. I am a sexy smart woman in her 40's, with two children going through a horrible divorce. I also have been involved with a younger man, which by most people’s standards is taboo, but for me it is quite refreshing. What a better match to find a young vibrant man with an amazing sexy women in her 40’s to just feel alive again. The pressure of single motherhood, business woman and being in the spot light, having to be so strong for everyone else and just wanting to find some joy in a younger man? I think that Jennifer had the right idea.


I am far from a Jennifer Lopes, but being a clinical sexologist, writer, relationship counselor and exposing myself publicly, I do understand the scrutiny involved. Having children myself, I usually keep my adult life to myself. What the article represented to me was that women in their 40's can have a great life after divorce, enjoy their new found sexuality and begin to move forward and live again. For all the women who are dealing with these issues, my heart goes out to you, and a special thanks and gratitude to Jennifer Lopez for being honest, upfront and making her life an example to other women going through the same struggles.

This article is dedicated to all the other brilliant, hot momma’s out there …

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