Financial infidelity is on the rise leading couples to divorce


The new type of infidelity on the rise is financial infidelity

This is where one spouse gets into debt without letting the other spouse know until it is already too late.

With the economy in the state that it is today more married couples are going through a rough time financially with it ending in a nasty divorce. Marriage is not what it used to be where the man went to work and brought home the paycheck and the woman stayed home with the children.

Marriage has become more of a partnership with husband and wife sharing the responsibility of the house, including the bills, working, and children. Many couples are struggling to get by each month and relying on one another for financial support and trust.

Award winning performing artist Joni Robbins husband was cheating on her financially for years. Joni Robbins lived a lavish life with two kids in a luxurious Manhattan apartment, or so she though she did. Joni trusted her husband to take care of the bills and be honest about the finances; instead he had been deceiving her for years. Her husband had been having her sign faulty tax papers every year but was not filing them; she came to realize that they owed taxes of over $750,000.

More couples are reporting that financial infidelity is the reason why the marriage ended and most of them end badly. A spouse that is not being honest about their financial situation in the marriage will break the trust in the marriage causing financial infidelity. The deviation of financial infidelity goes beyond jus a loss of trust, in many cases the other spouses credit is destroyed along with leaving them in financial dept. The worst part is that the one spouse who is financially responsible with a steady job is left holding the majority of the dept causing them to have life long financial struggles.

A teacher from California who worked for over 15 years saving money and having a steady pay check was left with her ex-husbands past tax payments. She continued to have the money taken out of her check for eight years after the marriage was over, leaving her with barley enough money to afford her own bills.

One reason that fewer people are opting to not marry but rather live together is because of financial decisions. Once married the couple is responsible for one another’s debt and the possibility of ruining each others credit. This is one problem that seems to be getting worse for many married couples and it looks as though it may become the leading cause of divorce in the United States and around the world.

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