Does Size Really Matter?


The answer to this question is more complicated then it looks the size of a man’s penis does matter

“Does the size of my penis really matter”…. is a question that I get asked as a Sex Therapist by men quite a bit.

The answer to this question is more complicated then it looks (no pun intended) the size of a man’s penis does matter, but the real question to ask is, "who does it matter too?" The size, shape, length, girth of the male penis (which by the way is front and center) matters to every man form the time they realize that they have a penis until the day that they die. Size does matter!

The real question that men want to know is "if the size of their penis matters to a woman?"

I can tell you from experience as a woman and a Sex Therapist that it matters much less to a woman then it does to a man. A man can have a very large penis but no ability to use his tool properly, whereas a man with a much smaller penis has compensated throughout the years with his hands, mouth and other techniques.
“There of course is the rare instance where a man can be fabulously endowed, and know how to use it too, but that is few and far between."

Men that tend to be on the larger side of other men's "penis envy" have not had to put the work into being a great lover. They feel that the magnitude of their family jewels are somehow so impressive that it is already a gift and is worthy of worshiping. I can assure you that this is not true, having a large penis and not knowing how to properly use it can be very unpleasant for a woman. A woman’s vagina that is not lubricated or fully aroused is only about 3 inches in length, and the thought of a 9 inch penis in an unblossomed dry vagina is not going to be a welcome feeling, where as a man with a 4 inch penis may be able to get away with a, quick pump and cum, a man with a larger penis will not. (Either scenario is not sexy to a woman by the way)

So the real answer to the question "does a man’s penis size matter to a woman?" What matters most to a woman is that a man understands how "her parts work" and if he does have a large penis, does he know how to please her with it!!!!! There is a reason why the word cocky was invented and that is a man with a large "penis" (gods gift to man) who brags about his tool but has no know idea how to really operate it.  One word of advice especially when it does come to a man's penis and the size of it, is his confidence in himself, that is the true attraction!

This article was originally published at Examiner. Reprinted with permission from the author.