Dating in your 40’s can be fun with the right attitude!

A Cougar,is a woman in her sexual prime who prefers to hunt, rather than be hunted.


On the Prowl…

Usually she is between thirty-five and fifty years-old and enjoys the company of younger men. ROAR!!

As a relationship coach and certified clinical sexologist, I counsel many women in this age group who are divorced or are going through a divorce or a major break-up, and are experiencing a new confidence, a new desire and the ability to be choosey, and they are choosing younger men.

True cougars are classy, attractive women in their sexual prime who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it. It is said that women hit their sexual peak between the ages of 35- 50. While men are in their prime from 20- 30. It is easy to see why Cougars seek out these younger, virile men. Cougars are mature. They have already been married or in a long term relationship. They have already had children. They have already succeeded on their own. They have the career, the home and the car. They look good, feel good and take good care of themselves. Having strong, young, willing and energetic partners that are not focused on settling down or having children takes the pressure off of the relationship aspect and allows for the total enjoyment of the physical aspect for both partners.

The reason for the term cougar is because many women in this age group are the confident, sleek predators of the dating world! As with their feline counterparts, the grace and power of the cougar is widely admired and the adult female cougar meets only to mate. They are able to pick and choose partners and they are able to have sex with much younger partners that are fun and good looking without all the strings attached!

This makes for a wonderful match up for a man in his twenties and a woman in her forties.

The dating world of a cougar is quite different than the dating world of a 20 year old woman. This can be an intriguing time for a mature woman as she can go about dating with a fun and free attitude, no longer being focusing on finding a husband or having children. For the younger man, who is focused on building his career, having his workout routine, his car, his friends…etc… this relationship is tailor made for his time constraints. There is no pressure, nor the additional responsibilities of having to build or maintain a wife and family. No misunderstanding of the relationship. It is a fun romp that is beneficial to both partners. And oh yes, the benefits of having experienced and mature partner!

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Dawn Michael

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