Dating during the holidays can be stressful

People begin to get the per-holiday jitters, not wanting to be alone another year

For single people the holiday season can become a bit stressful. Wanting to spend this time of the year in a relationship and not alone. People begin to get the per-holiday jitters, not wanting to be alone another year, dreading family dinners with yet another comment as to "when you are going to find someone and settle down". This is in fact one of the worst times to get into a relationship because most people find themselves settling for someone to be with just so they don’t have to be alone.

The best way to get past the holiday blues is to be pro-active before the holiday, and make plans with friends and activities to that fill that void. Take a trip with a friend, or embark on a small adventure by yourself. Some other ideas this holiday is to join a group that involves single people getting together and doing activities: Such as hiking, biking, wine tasting, tennis, or whatever may interest you. These types of groups get you out of the house and give you the opportune to meet new and interesting people. Many times these clubs also plan holiday parties.

Understanding that the holiday season will pass and it is just a time of the year, and not putting expectations on yourself is important. Being with someone just for the sake of not being alone can cause more stress than happiness.

Fun activities for singles:

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